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Born and raised in the Midwest, Jennifer Reinfried writes genre bending thriller novels. She is the author of all installments in A Grim Trilogy, a superhero crime thriller series told from the viewpoint of the villains. She released The Souls of the Lash in 2018, which received a positive Kirkus Review and has been featured in more than one of their publication magazines.

Currently, her new novel, In Eternity, tells a changed fate of Harry Goodsir of the Franklin Expedition, and is set to release early 2020.

Twitter: @ChirpyJen
Instagram: jreinfried


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Twitter: @ChirpyJen

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  • Jennifer Reinfried’s ability to switch writing styles based on the characters perspective is truly amazing to me. I feel as though I’m getting to know true, individual people rather than creations from a single mind. Outstanding read.

    Amazon Review

  • Literally could not put [Grim Ambition] down–and I’m not an avid book reader. It was dark and sexy and redefines the idea of “villain”

    Dan on Amazon

  • [Reinfried] has a punchy, gritty writing style, a flair for action scenes, a brevity of language which does not allow for filler and flannel and an easily readable and engrossing story line. A talented writer, I look forward to finding out what happens next. Highly recommended.

    Amazon Review

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