The Souls of the Lash Updates!

Well, guys, with all books in A Grim Trilogy released in 2017 – with the final installment, Grim Vengeance, set to release online December 30, 2017 – you may think that’s it. That there isn’t anything else. But you’d think so, so wrong.

The Souls of the Lash, my Western thriller, is undergoing some revisions and major edits. Once that’s complete, betas will read through to ensure everything flows and that the story is still freakin’ awesome (guys, I’m so excited, it’s so freakin’ awesome). Then one final pass with the editor and The Souls of the Lash will be ready.

What does a Wild West thriller have to do with a modern day superhero series such as A Grim Trilogy. Why, they happen at the same time, of course. Just you wait. This is going to be so cool. 🙂

Until then, I’ve had a lot of people ask me what authors and books have inspired my own writing, so I worked with a fellow author and friend to come up with the list of my top ten favorite books.

Back to editing I go! I’ll keep you guys updated on the progress of The Souls of the Lash as well as everything else in this unique universe of mine.

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