The Souls of the Lash

Etta Davis can shoot and ride as well as any man, thanks to lessons from her late father. After arriving in a new town, she battles her traumatic past with shots of whiskey and constant brawls in the local saloon. But when everything she knows is threatened, all of her skills may not be enough to save her.

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Etta Davis


Newly sprung from another night in jail, Etta is hired to escort an ex-sheriff and his daughter across desolate plains to the big city of Salt Lake, where the end of the new railway line from the East just arrived. Along the way, they hear an outlandish story of a pack of horrifying creatures that attack in the night, killing without mercy.

Harker Floyd


Etta longs to join the hunt for the beasts. When Ira Vaughn begs for men to join him in protecting innocents from the creatures, Etta can’t resist the call, regardless of her sordid past with the group’s leader.

Ira Vaughn


The men don’t want her along. Her new lover fears for her life. And when the monsters in the night prove to be more intelligent than anyone suspected, even Etta’s quick draw won’t save them from death in the dark deserts.

Johnny Chapman


The Souls of the Lash brings you a fresh story in the Old West with a faint familiarity.

Luke Simmons


The Souls of the Lash released Sunday, May 6, 2018 on Amazon (unsigned) or on this site (signed, free shipping in the US).

It is available on Kindle as well.

The character art for The Souls of the Lash was created by the extremely talented Evelyne Paniez.